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Special Collections at Ellis Library

I have been lucky to work as a student assistant for the last four years at the Special Collections Department in Ellis Library, the main library on the University of Missouri’s campus.  I have seen some exquisite items, many are very old and extremely precious.  Some of the items are so unique that another copy cannot be found in the Western Hemisphere. 

Frequently, I get to teach a visiting college class about some of the items that we hold including incunabula, illuminated manuscripts, artist books, scrolls, cuneiform tablets, and much more.  I think my teaching skills could use a bit more practice, but it’s a lot of fun to show students just what we have to offer.  If anyone following my blog is the least bit interested in going into the Special Collections or Archiving fields after they finish their MLS, please let me know.  Not only I, but the librarians on staff, would love to help you reach that goal. 

P.S. A great deal many items we possess at Special Collections have been digitized.  That’s just one example above, from an exhibit on Children’s Literature by Erin Zellers and Karen Witt.  If you would like to see more, you should visit our site and browse through the online exhibits!