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Soo…..I’m back!

I sometimes have the tendency to start a new hobby, devote considerable time to it for a few months, and then get busy with life and have to hang it up for a while.  Thankfully, blogging is a free hobby, so therefore I haven’t spent tons of money for the necessary items to indulge in said hobby.  However, my life has gotten in the way since early summer, but I am going to make a bigger effort to maintain this blog.

That said, my life has been crazy!  Besides facing my last semester as a student, I was diagnosed with a blood clot in my leg, which means that I have to take a blood thinner and go to the doctor on a weekly basis for blood tests.  Thankfully, it’s a quick in and out that I can do before work on Tuesdays, but it is still a pain.  The blood thinner is doing its job.  It turns out that I am my father’s daughter and the predilection for blood clots is genetic, although my sister has been spared thus far.

A few months ago, an old friend, with whom I lost all contact the last 5-6 years, found me on Facebook.  He and I enjoyed a great friendship years ago, and although there was something always there, just below the surface, it was never explored.  I can gratefully say that we have now been dating for over three months and he has been a great source of comfort as I’ve dealt with my medical issues.  He lives back in my hometown, so we can usually only see each other every other week, but his job is easily transferable, and we are just waiting to see where I land a job before taking the next step of finding a way to live in the same town.

Speaking of which, another big time consumer is applying for jobs.  Funny enough, the job market is way better than I expected, but I’ve only had one interview so far, and I’m hoping to get more in the next few weeks.  In less than five weeks, I graduate and I will be soon jobless after that (my assistantship will come to an end).  So, if you know of any great jobs, anywhere in the country, please let me know!

As this post is getting too long, I’m going to sign off, but be back with a second post in which I discuss some of the great books I’ve read lately.  Sayonara!

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